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Στα χνάρια του Τσίπρα – Γράμμα στην Madame Merkel έστειλε ο Π.Χαϊκάλης

Στα χνάρια του Τσίπρα – Γράμμα στην Madame Merkel έστειλε ο Π.Χαϊκάλης |

Την αποκαλεί Madame Merkel και η επιστολή είναι γραμμένα στα αγγλικά.

Αφορμή, τα επεισόδια που προκλήθηκαν από τις δηλώσεις του γερμανού επιτετραμμένου Φούχτελ για τους Έλληνες υπαλλήλους.

Ρωτά την Γερμανίδα Καγκελάριο εάν έχει αναπτυχθεί «η εξαιρετική ιδέα για προσβολή των Ελλήνων εργαζομένων», ενώ σημειώνει πως ο κ. Γιόακιμ Χανς Φούχτελ έχει εξοικειωθεί ήδη με τις δεξιότητες του ελληνικού δημοσίου.
Της ζητάει μάλιστα να στείλει τον «Χερ Φούχτελ» σε μία χώρα να δουλέψει εθελοντικά.


«These Guys Are Poking Their Own Eyes Out!»

Madame Merkel,

No doubt the Chancellery was disturbed by the recent unfortunate incident that your subordinate Herr Fouchtel was involved. Worry not! We can be of help. Prior to that I would like to address you with the following questions so that I can maximize this support.

Did He develop this excellent idea to insult -yet again- Greek workers, Himself or was He wisely guided by his subordinates, as they too have made themselves rather comfortable, in this sense, by now?

Exactly what was He thinking when He frivolously detracted one third of supposedly «useless staff» from the working force? Mind you His response speed with numbers surpasses human ability. Surely His promotion is underway.

It is He, Herr Fouchtel, and the caliber of the man in charge.

Madame Merkel,

Indeed He appears to have mastered Greek Public Administration skills, to the point that He can model work productivity projects and comparative plans, in no time. This we appreciate deeply. We’ve no time to waste. It is sad however that His voice was interrupted…

This is where we take over and present our support ideas, so enabling the Chancellery to act further. Only Greeks know the virtues of the man eating up numbers.

Please be so kind to consider the following action plan for Herr Fouchtel.

Allow the man to undertake a post of some description, in a country with volunteer redundant. Work life will return to normal and Herr Fouchtel will feel free again to praise the immaculate German workforce.

Since He made this urgent effort to rephrase what he thought was simply facts on a table- in human shape- allow him redemption. After all He was only thinking loud.

Last but not least, we’ve now come to the conclusion Herr Fouchtel was the man for the job- from where we stand to be honest. The more he talks the less he is heard. I wonder why exhausted Greek workers should want to answer back. I know why and I am in a pleasant position to inform you, that Greeks are only struggling to stop him hurt himself. The dream is not lost for Herr Fouchtel. He must keep up the good work!

Vorsicht! Of spoons!

Kind Regards


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